Browse Month: May 2017

Back at It

Well, it’s been over a year since anything has changed around here. I intend to remedy that situation! At the moment I’m madly preparing to give a presentation at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists in my capacity as copy editor of the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy.* After that I’m hoping to get all my little duckies in a row here on my blog. My plans include expanding the blog to include posts and pages about music and editing as well as the health coaching that was its beginnings. And I’ll also report about what has been going on with me in my absence. See you in June!

* Click on the Resources: Words tab of this blog to see the resource package from the conference.

[Update August 6, 2018, somewhat later than planned: Times have changed, and those duckies are back to the health and fitness pool. I’ll update the Music and Words resources from time to time, though.]