Michele Satanove, health coach

  • ACSM certified personal trainer (CPT)
  • ACE weight management specialist
  • BFPA affiliated professional

I offer reliable, science-based information about physical activity, nutrition, habits, and motivation for individuals who struggle with overweight or obesity.

I facilitate rather than direct. I design flexible programs that begin with the client’s expressed needs and are adjusted according to circumstances. My approach is positive, empathic, and encouraging, without blame or stigma. I have walked the walk and am a person who has learned firsthand—and continues to learn—how to deal with the challenges of living healthfully in a plus-sized body.

Please contact me for information about monthly packages that include in-person or Skype meetings plus phone or email follow-ups.

A journey towards health

I’ve struggled with my weight since childhood and have always been interested in fitness and nutrition. So when I managed to lose 60 pounds in 2015 and was on track to good fitness and health, I decided I wanted to help others do the same. I earned certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (certified personal trainer) and the American Council on Exercise (weight management specialist) as well as taking numerous short courses on topics in fitness, nutrition, counselling, behaviour change, and weight management. I also became an affiliated professional with the Body Positive Fitness Alliance.

My journey has been less than perfect . Depression has gotten the better of me at times, and I have relapsed. I know what it’s like to struggle to get back on one’s feet. Indeed, I am a health coach who truly understands what her clients are dealing with and who has the skills and knowledge to give them the support they need.