Michele Satanove, editor

Eggplant Editing

I edit nonfiction writing of all kinds and can support you in creating clear and accurate text that your target audience will want to read. Be it correcting errors, enhancing readability, or reorganizing for cohesiveness, I have the skills to bring your document to high professional standards.

While I have expertise in music, the social sciences, and the health sciences, I’m curious and observant and welcome work in other subject areas. I’m also a grammar and style nerd and have extensive experience in APA Style in particular.

Please contact me by phone or email to discuss how I can best meet your needs.

Discovering a career

I got my start in editing in 2006 with Sunstream, a local arts and entertainment magazine.  A friend took me on as copy editor, but I also did stylistic and substantive editing, fact checking, and rewriting. I sought mentoring with Betty Keller, an award-winning writer and editor, who most assuredly put me through my paces. I took courses at SFU Harbour Centre and workshops from Editors Canada. I continue to learn and stay up to date by reading extensively and by taking courses when I have the opportunity. As a freelance editor, I get great satisfaction from helping authors polish their text and, when appropriate, I enjoy the opportunity to offer instruction and tips. I’m especially proud of the work I did with the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy to bring it to a much higher professional standard.